Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom Renovations 1Get the Affordable Bathroom Remodeling Work You?ve Been Looking For

If you?ve begun brainstorming the latest bathroom remodeling ideas for your home, Freedle Plumbing is here to help bring that vision to life. We know how to handle bathroom renovations of any size. If you want to update an existing shower stall, or just get your current shower and tub replaced, we?ll get to work creating the master bathroom of your dreams.

Throughout the renovation, we?ll walk you through every design detail, and only select material options that are within your budget. We want our bathroom renovations to give you everything you?re looking for, without breaking the bank. Take a look at some of our special renovation services, such as:

  • Installing a variety of materials like ceramic tile, marble, fiberglass, and acrylic in your bathroom
  • Focusing on bathroom safety and simplicity during installation, for tubs, shower walls, and more
  • Handicap shower installation, so your new bathroom works for your family and lifestyle?
  • We custom build and install bathroom cabinets to your specifications, so the overall design process is seamless from start to finish?
  • Making sure all bathroom remodeling and installation costs stay within your budget

We also offer renovation consulting and assistance on the parts of your remodel you?d like to work on yourself, as well as full turnkey service.

We believe in affordable bathroom remodeling and make it a priority to give you the best service at reasonable prices. If you?re ready to get started on your bathroom renovations, contact Freedle Plumbing today.